Well here we are. You probably have some amount of money, and by nature of us having a "contribute" button, you probably assume we want it. And you know what? We do a little, yes.

We're currently exploring ways to allow people to contribute. Patreon? PayPal? Sending us free beer? If you have an opinion, let us know! feedback@maltsinyourmouth.com

Here's the deal. This podcast will ALWAYS be free. 100% free. You don't owe us anything. But keep in mind hosting a website isn't free. Getting good microphones isn't free. Getting beer to talk about isn't free. Even driving across the city to interview an aspiring brewer or distiller isn't free (although to be fair, it's not expensive either). We'll continue to explore ways to make back these expenses as we go along, but in the meantime we have a "contribute" page. Love us but can't chip in? Tell your friends about the podcast! Boom, we're even. 

Would you buy us a beer at a bar? If you ran into one of us at an airport would you grab a beer to pass the time-stopped layover by more quickly? Well then throw us a tip. No obligation, no peer pressure, no sweat. 

Whether or not you're able to support us, we're incredibly excited you like us enough to listen in. Drop us a line at feedback@maltsinyourmouth.com and tell us what you like or what you'd like to see. We're doing this to have fun, but we're also doing it for you. So...THANK YOU, whether you contribute or not. Thank you for drinking with us. Cheers!