Welcome to Malts in Your Mouth (MiYM). We strive here to have a conversation, try some new drinks, and above all have fun. This podcast started in 2015 when your intrepid (read: overly "hydrated") co-hosts couldn't agree on a beer podcast to listen to regularly. There are some fantastic homebrew podcasts, higher-brow beer review podcasts, and discussions of culture. Most of those people know much more than we do, and that's fine. We wanted all of this in one convenient place. Well if you can't find it...make it! What we want is a podcast that sounds like the sort of thing you'd talk about in a bar on a Friday night. Maybe a relaxed, Sunday afternoon hangout with your friends over a good drink (or three). Good drinks and good friends. We want to have fun. We hope that's obvious in every episode.

James is trained in the art of program management, beer/liquor, and friendship.  When he's not hiking in the White Mountains or recording music, he's writing and recording on the joys of beer, wine, and liquor with his co-hosts, Cory and David.  He loves travel, food, fitness, and, of course, sharing alcohol with friends.  His drinks of choice are a Hefeweizen beer, Scotch, and a dark and stormy with extra stormy.  He looks forward to drinking the first beer on Mars in 2050. 

Cory is a computer security engineer and proud geek by day, and a video game enthusiast, guitarist, and home-brewer by night. He loves a good off-center joke. He loves to go out an have a good time in any city he's in, as long as his friends are there to share a pint. He loves a good Scotch. His favorite beer styles are Kolsch, Porter, and Oktoberfest. He thinks pumpkin is in far too many things, beer or otherwise. Get out of our beer, you pumpkiny devils!